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The Southern Colorado Economic Forum brings together local experts from the public, private, and academic sectors to report on our economy. Thought of by many as our region’s economic “State of the Union,” the Forum offers the community an annual snapshot of local economic activity and provides forecasts to help businesses plan for the upcoming year.

This valuable research about where our community has been and where we are headed is made possible through a cooperative effort between UCCS and local business sponsors. This long-standing partnership between the academic and business communities has produced timely, accurate, and objective economic data to guide local businesses for nearly a decade.

Benefits of Attending the Forum

The Southern Colorado Economic Forum is the premier resource for local economic information. This information is provided for—and supported by—local businesses.

The Forum is an opportunity for you to learn about the trends and dynamics occurring nationally, statewide, and in our community, and how they will impact your business.

Experts from UCCS and the Community will present objective forecasts about key economic indicators such as population, employment, wages, prices, retail trade and housing that your organization can use in your planning future business strategies.

The Forum is a tremendous networking opportunity; you’ll have the chance to meet experts from a variety of industries, UCCS and other businesses that have an interest in the local economy.

Participants who attend the Forum will receive a comprehensive report filled with data, statistics and trends. The content can help you uncover new opportunities, make better business decisions, deliver more compelling sales presentations and position your business as experts who are “in the know.”

Attending this year’s Economic Forum and obtaining the annual report is a great way to jump start your business planning for next year.